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Special Design

Thanks to 50 years of continuous experience in the Nuclear industry, and 75 years of know-how overall, we have developped product ranges adapted to critical applications.

  • Fire protection
  • Nuclear grade
  • High and low temperature
  • Corrosive environment
  • Hydraulic multiturn actuators for LNG carriers & offshore applications

BC Nuclear Actuators

  • Products qualified according to the latest safety standards (RCC-E, IEEE)
  • Total solutions from On-Off to Continuous modulating duties
  • BERNARD CONTROLS supplier of electric actuation solutions for the latest generation reactors such as EPR
  • A team of certified experts at your service and 50 years of customer oriented R&D

The SN range houses multi-turn electric actuators qualified for inside containment safety-related service (Nuc IC). Nuc IC Actuators are designed for operation during 40 years in ionizing environment and remaining operational in case of seismic accidents and LOCA - Loss Of Coolant Accident (referred as "K1" type in the RCC-E standard). The SN Range is available for On-Off and Modulating duties.

Qualified actuators for outside containment (Nuc OC)

BERNARD CONTROLS offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators complying with outside containment safety requirements (Nuc OC). These actuators are designed for operation in normal environment for 30 years and during seismic accidents (referred as "K3" type in the RCC-E standard), and are available for On-Off and Modulating duties and with electromechanical or integrated controls.

On the other hand, BERNARD CONTROLS also offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuation solutions for NC non safety requirements, for operation in normal environment for 30 years.

Fail Safe actuators

FQ actuators are widely used in Oil & Gas markets but also in new generation of Nuclear power plants as for ventilation application. This range is available for On-Off or Modulating applications, in Nuc IC and Nuc OC versions.


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Impact X

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Laser Methane Mini

The LaserMethane mini (LMm) is an innovative portable detector that allows methane gas to be detected from a distance.

Agile X

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