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Clock Spring

A Clock Spring

Our namesake product was the subject of an extensive research and development program conducted in North America from 1987-1999. This decade long effort was conducted under the supervision of the Gas Research Institute (now Gas Technology Institute), along with a steering committee of pipeline integrity professionals.  The effort resulted in Clock Spring being the basis for the approval of Composite repairs. The approval deemed the Clock Spring® as a “repair which permanently restores the serviceability of the pipe”.


Each Clock Spring® is constructed with a specific architecture and a specific set of constituent components to ensure quality, durability and permanence. Please request additional information regarding these issues. It is our belief that this product, with its specific architecture and components remains the “state of the art” regarding composite repair design. A properly installed Clock Spring is a permanent repair and provides structural reinforcement to the pipe steel. This product is a pre-cured shop manufactured composite sleeve.


Clock Spring composite sleeves are available for pipe diameters of 4″-56″.


Click to download a Clock Spring Spec Sheet & Product Overview


*Clock Spring’s original Crack Arrestor product is also available

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