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Experienced engineers undertake the complete basic and detail engineering for you: Analysis of the task in consideration of the regularities on site. Feasibility studies with preparation of a rough concept. Formulation of an amount, capacity and costs planning under economical conditions.

Derived from the basic engineering, BARTEC BENKE prepares during the detail engineering a detailed concept to realize the plants. Action needed is coordinated directly with our clients.

  • Expertise
  • Assessment of danger
    Safety concepts including explosion-proof documents
  • Budget planning
  • System-specific user software
    PLS/SPS, safety-related control
  • Basic and detail engineering
    E/MSR technology,
    heat engineering,
    analytical instruments/systems CAE/CAD-aided

Engineering for electrical heating:

  • Budget planning
  • Basic and detail engineering:
    • Verification of the documents
    • Analysis of the project structure (units, codes, drawings)
    • Verification and analysis of the contract specification
    • Verification of norms and regulations
    • Survey and verification of the design dates (electrical, mechanical)
    • Verification of the application of the Heating Systems (materials)
    • Structure analysis of the electrical heating (control- and switch concept)
    • Thermotechnical calculations (minimum/maximum temperature limit values)
    • Preparation of the typicals of controls and instruments, flanges, pumps etc.
    • Formulation of installation instructions incl. the needed documentation
    • Formulation of quality- and safety plans for project management, organisation, engineering, production, installation, tests and enquiries (SCC)

SEH - Skin Effect heating system:

  • The SEH - Skin Effect heating system is an industrial electric heating system using the AC phenomenon with a remarkable effect on the inner surface of a ferromagnetic tube. Different from other technologies, it offers great advantages for long lines applications up to 20 km with only one feeding point. The capability reaches up to +200°C applications and 200W/m in hazardous or non-hazardous areas. BARTEC provides the complete component range and a full package of EPC.

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Engineering for process analysis:

  • Basic and detail engineering for complete analyzers
  • Providing turn-key solutions to meet individual customer requirements
  • Selection of suitable measuring methods
  • Selection of suitable measuring instruments

Engineering for instrumentation, control and electro-technics:

  • Detail engineering
  • Budget planning
  • Invite tenders and evaluate offers
  • Project management
  • PLS / SPS software engineering
  • Process visualization
  • Manufacturer independent system solutions

BARTEC BENKE develop software for SPS, operating and observing systems designed to user specifications and set up control systems of different manufacturers. Adaptation and maintenance of existing software are part of our activities.



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PLEXO TCS is a plug & socket connection, splice and end termination system for self-limiting heating cables used in potentially explosive atmospheres.....

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The LaserMethane mini (LMm) is an innovative portable detector that allows methane gas to be detected from a distance.

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